Visalus Shakers-What's The Big Fuss?

What is the thing most of us hate about diet shakes? Yes, the taste. No matter how much you want to lose weight, many are turned off when they taste the shake that is supposed to get them there. Many of the Visalus clientele say that they think it tastes like cake or pudding. It is this minor but very important factor that has made Visalus shakes very popular. Is the taste all there is to these shakes? According to their site, the shakes are different than all the rest because they are able to maintain the energy level of the consumer that is often lost when diet shakes are taken. Let's take a closer look at these 'magic shakes' that everyone seems to love. Nutrient Absorption The Visalus shakes contain a patented digestive enzyme that aids in proper nutrient absorption. Aside from this, the product claims to contain more than 23 vitamins and minerals which results in such high quality nutrition it would take about $100 worth of groceries to equal the nutrition of a 10 ounce shake. Building Muscle The shakes also claim to have a patented protein that aids in the building of muscle. This protein is the 'secret weapon' so to speak behind the many testimonials given by customers who claim to have been able to lose as much as 33 pounds in 58 days. Metabolism Boosters The products also include metabolism boosters which are supposed to help burn fast faster and keep a high energy level. According to other sources, though the company claims to help boost metabolism, many of the ingredients used as metabolism boosters actually contain caffeine. Examples of these are the ingredients used in the Vi-Slim product that includes various extracts 3out of 5 of which contain caffeine. Hunger suppressants Visalus shake users claim to feel no deprivation whatsoever and no hunger while they are on their shake diets. Though these may be subscribed for short periods of time by physicians to jumpstart a long term diet program, they are quite risky to be taken in the long term. Aside from the aforementioned reasons, these shakes are proven to be 'easy to prepare' and cost less than fast foods. Only less than two minutes is all you'd need to prepare your next meal. Though I am no dietician or expert in the matter, consuming shakes instead of proper meals just doesn't seem at all normal. It is as good as going against nature and there are sure to be side effects. Nevertheless, millions of people worldwide are benefiting greatly from Visalus shakes and attest to its efficacy. Like with any other product however, there are numerous negative reviews as to the possible side effects of such a diet. The ultimate decision of whether or whether not to use their products remains with you. Learn more about what Visalus shakes [] can do for you and your family by visiting Jeniffer's website that focuses on reviews on Visalus products [] today. Article Source:

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