Engine 2 Diet Review - Just Another Vegan Diet?

With my Engine 2 Diet review you'll quickly understand how this diet came about. Fact is, it was initially developed by one firefighter to help a fellow firefighter bring his dangerously high cholesterol level down. Having a high cholesterol level can be very damaging to your health and increase your risks for heart disease and stroke. Here's the story: When Texan firefighter Rip Esselstyn heard that his fellow firefighter James Ray (JR) had an alarming cholesterol rate of 344 at only 33 years old, he knew he had to help. Given his fitness training as a tri-athlete and the fact that he comes from a long heritage of physicians, Rip felt that he could create a complete plan. Out of his desire to help his friend, Rip created what he has called the Engine 2 Diet Plan. In his book, Rip lays out a complete 28 day meal plan to be followed and put into practice. He promises you that you will see 2 very significant changes if you follow his plan for the entire 28 days: Promise 1:drastically lower your cholesterol level Promise 2: burn away the pounds This Engine 2 Diet review finds that this diet plan is based on a plant strong diet that is both healthy and low-fat. This diet is very similar to a vegan diet but you are allowed some non-vegan foods, such as whole grain crackers, tofu and soy yogurt. This diet mainly focuses on the following foods fruits vegetables whole grains nuts seeds To make choosing the right foods easier, Rip has included in his book a list of brands and products that are approved to eat and tips on making the right selections when eating out. He also includes nice family friendly meal plans and 150 recipes to help you prepare healthy, nutritious, as well as tasty meals. As a professional athlete, Rip knows the importance of exercise to any healthy lifestyle. Included in his book is a set of simple and easy exercises. These exercises are able to be done by anybody no matter what their fitness level. The Engine 2 Diet review shows that by adding exercise it will help speed up your metabolism and increase your strength and endurance. To conclude this Engine 2 Diet review it all sounds good at first but let's remember that this diet is based on a vegan style menu. But isn't a Vegan diet hard to follow? It certainly can be a challenge, and it's not for everyone. A vegan diet cuts out all meat products as well as many other foods. Not everyone can hack it. Basically it looks like this: NO meat NO dairy NO breads NO fish My Engine 2 Diet review reveals that the plan does allow you to have some additional foods, but your selection of food choices is still severely limited. Rip, does offer a comprehensive list of foods that are OK to eat but you will find out that most of them need to be bought at a natural food store. As we know, these stores can be quite expensive. Not up for the Vegan Diet? If the vegan life-style is not for you or if you are like most of us during this rocky economy that are careful where we spend your money, then there are other excellent WEIGHT LOSS programs that are affordable and deliciously tailored to your tastes. No Thanks to Vegan, but still Want to Lose Weight? Join my Weight Loss Challenge today. Sara:) Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sara_Reynolds

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