Quick Weight Loss Program Adds Weight Rapidly

Who does not want a slim and healthy body? It is not an unusual expectation. Many people have won the battle of building a fit body along with inner health. This is not true for all who have tried to get a fit body, because lots of hard work is required to achieve it. It did not come just by omitting a meal or walking a mile for few days. People are impatient. They seek immediate solution. People begin to understand the beauty of a fit body after they lose it. So they want to get it back quick by losing weight quick. Losing weight is a slow process. Naturally they have a visual impression of not getting a good look back overnight; they do not adhere to a weight loss program for long. This is the main cause of their failure. A Quick weight loss diet may sometime become too demanding because it loses weight by low carbohydrate. It only works as long as one stick to the diet plan. When they leave the plan and get back to old diet plan, they gain more weight. Thus, the result of a quick weight loss diet is weight gain because one will not be able to stick to quick weight loss diet for the rest of your life. It is now scientifically proven that quick weight loss diet does not put any effect on losing excess fat. It is water that one will lose with any rapid weight loss program. That is one gets proof of weight loss by losing water which can be gained again easily. Again losing water make a person dehydrated. Dehydration is not good for anyone. One need to lose extra fat, not water. So do not be a fool by eye-catching commercials and do not go for quick weight loss program. Slimming soap is another quick weight loss product. These soaps are known to contain Chinese herbs and seaweed which help cut down extra fat by emulsifying during baths. Scientific studies have proved that any soap or product can not emulsify the subcutaneous fat by just applying over the skin. These soaps may improve the skin to look good, better even excellent, but the soaps do not help one emulsify your excess body fat. So these soaps can not lose your weight. Thus, taking this quick weight loss program with a normal diet will help one gain weight only. Another quick weight loss product is that suppresses the hunger and increases the metabolic rate. It seems quite right for a program of losing weight, but it has some unpleasant side effects. Moreover, being not able to eat by suppressing hunger center does not make us feel better. It fills the mind with dissatisfaction of eating behavior. One cannot live with this feeling happily. My father is an obese and diabetic patient. He needed to control his diet habit for losing weight and controlling diabetes. He first tried with some drug that decreased his appetite. He did it with the doctor's advice, of course. With the pill/drug, he was not happy at all. His appetite decreased so much that he could not tolerate any food in front of him. He began to suffer mentally that he can not eat anymore like a normal person. Then he stopped taking the pill and started controlling diet by his own will and determination. Now he takes controlled diet and lives with a peaceful mind that he can eat when he wants. His appetite is intact, but he is dieting on choice. Finally, the thing is "No pain, no gain". If any person truly want to have a fit and healthy body, by losing weight, then one should try slowly. One should not fall for quick weight loss programs. If one find any program too good to be true, then they are. So always avoid them. Dr. Md. Mazharul Islam If you want to know more about health and health related problems and their probable but achievable solution, you can visit health & nutrition blog Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Md._Mazharul_Islam Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2597418

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