Diet Reviews - With a Gazillion Diet Plans Who the Heck Should You Trust?

It is very hard to pick a diet plan with a plethora of them invading the market everyday. However before choosing any plan it is important to know the pros and cons of the diet plan. Here are a few popular diet plans in the market today. 1. ediets: ediets is one of the biggest players in the weight loss industry. They have been voted No: 1 in having the most traffic to their website by Forbes. They provide you with free diet profile where they assess your current condition and provide recommendations based on your profile. Some of the popular diets included within ediets are Glycemic Impact Diet Atkins Slim-Fast Optima Diet Mediterranean Diet 2. Medifast: Medifast has been around for a long time and initially it was available only through physicians. Soon they changed their business model to online and via distributors. The Medifast plan offers a range of low-calorie and low-fat diets having a good mix of vitamins. The most popular plan is the "5 and 1" plan which claims to reduce 2-5 pounds per week. 3. Nutrisystem: Convenience is the watch word of Nutrisystem program. Nutrisystem sells pre-packaged meals that you can order online that will be delivered to your door steps. Basically it is fast food for weight loss. However each of these diets do have their own drawbacks as well in terms of cost, customer service or effectiveness of their meal plans. Remember you should make sure that you thoroughly understand the ins and outs of the diet plan before following one. CLICK HERE [] to LOSE WEIGHT NOW []. Article Source:

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