Laxatives for Weight Loss - Good or Bad?

Laxatives for Weight Loss, as quiet as it is kept, is an ongoing subject - a subject of need, which comes up in the dark recesses of the gym locker rooms. OK, Let's talk about some people's need for a reduction in their waist line - The need that causes them to venture into the how to of it all. The need stems from this overwhelming desire to look as the models do - the need to look as if all the life has been sucked from under one's skin. If you are considering using laxatives as your remedy. Let's take a closer look at this growing phenomenon. OK, using laxatives for slimming down may seem like a good idea but the term "slimming down" is somewhat misused because the loss of weight comes through the loss of water, minerals and your much needed electrolytes. Yes, the laxative will help with making your bowels (large intestines) get rid of the extra stuff but, in reality we all know from our 8th grade science classes nutrients - food, calories etc - are digested in our small intestines - so by the time the laxative comes into play the damage of your caloric intake has already been done. Now that you know this - Here is some information you may find useful in your never ending quest for weight loss by laxative. As we alluded to in a previous paragraph - laxatives will upset your electrolytes and minerals necessary for daily living such things as sodium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. These terms may be unfamiliar to you but, they are needed in our nerves and muscles. We need these to be in what scientist and doctors call homeostasis (Balance) to prevent us from having heart and colon issues. So if the diet you seek is from a laxative - see your physician and talk about supplements to replace the missing electrolytes and minerals - Losing these needed minerals, etc. will also cause you to become dehydrate so, by all means - drink plenty of fluids. Remember - Dehydration can cause at the least - tremors and at most - DEATH. Also, remember a very important fact about using laxatives is that you should always have something in your stomach before you experiment with a laxative for weight loss. Overuse of a laxative can cause you to lose the weight but gain an addition - after a while you will need larger amounts of your laxative to get the same water effect - mineral loss, weight loss. Laxatives for Weight Loss --- BAD! Anthony has written articles and coaches athletes for over 30 years in fitness and weight loss. Anthony reviews laxatives and other weight loss products. You can also check out his latest blog which reviews and allows feedback on diet products. Click the link now for additional readings: Article Source:

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