The Weight Loss Program For Your Individual Needs

So you have accepted the fact that you must lose weight now. The next step is to find the best way to go about it. With the hard and fast rules that exist in many weight loss programs the required change in lifestyle can seem incredibly daunting. However, with a professional, effective diet plan things are made a little bit easier especially one that promotes a stress free, relaxed approach which will not come as such a shock to your system. If you have been inactive for some time, starting an intensive exercise regime could do more harm than good. For this reason it is recommended that you obtain the advice of your doctor before beginning any form of exercise. The advice will generally be to take things easy initially and have check ups on a regular basis. These early visits to your doctor will ensure that consultations for more serious matters could become history. Although the most efficient weight loss programs have to be flexible and suit every individual, it should be seen as a new way of life and not just a way to lose those unwanted pounds so that you revert back to your old habits when your desired weight is reached. Your goal should be to reach your perfect weight and remain at it, not the weight that the charts indicate but the weight that you feel most comfortable with. If you are truthful to yourself carrying an extra twenty or thirty pounds around your midsection is far from ideal and by losing it, the ability to carry out many of the mundane tasks in life would become much easier. A great deal of the actions of the human body are carried out with the use of the back and stomach. When your stomach increases in size even the task of tying shoe laces can become extremely difficult. The advantages of reducing the size of your stomach are that you become more flexible with less pressure being placed upon the spine. In addition, with an improvement in posture this will result in a healthier circulation system thus allowing the blood to flow to your vital organs much easier as compression on your heart decreases. It is not about spending endless time in the gym but a realistic change in your lifestyle is essential to improve your quality of life. A gradual change in the way you conduct yourself could save you the uncertainty of numerous visits to the hospital and endless courses of medication. This is why the Anything Goes Diet plan is in place to make a difference to you and your life and offers an alternative way to remain there. Losing weight can be extremely stressful if you don't choose the correct weight loss program. So find out the most relaxed and stress-free way to reduce your weight by visiting Article Source:

My Weight Loss Program Isn't Working!

Maintaining a healthy body weight is a very difficult task. We look at those Hollywood divas and we are jealous - why them and why not me. We go off and on trendy diets, try every exercise fad, pop drugstore fat burners, nothing seems to work. The fact is as admirable and diligent as our efforts are, the truth is we can be creating more metabolic mayhem & inadvertently sabotaging our own greatest desire. We have to make nice with our metabolism - it is our omnipotent ruler within. Think of Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought the Law and the Law Won - you fight your metabolism - it gets very nasty and spiteful & yes will win! There is a population that wrestle with weight loss resistant. If one has truthfully & faithfully followed a diet of clean nutrition, exercise & physical activity - through out the day, not just a few times a week at the gym - then weight loss resistance is a possibility. However, that does not mean the extra pounds are OK to stay - it means that we have to work harder to find the right solution for us. It is not a lifetime sentence to obesity. Weight loss resistance can be a sign that there is another medical condition going on - that needs to be addressed - before either that existing condition causes more problems or those extra pounds fight dirtier. One of the many problems is conditions associated with weight loss resistance are not routinely checked by doctor's visits. Again - we have to be our own advocate speak up and say... its not working - I need testing. Get specific. Simple blood work can start to demystify the frustration, but we need to speak up and ask, or get a referral to metabolic specialist, endocrinologist - but a trip to a good ND - Naturopathic Doctor should seriously be a priority here. An ND often has a broader view of our internal operations - and can often connect the dots for us - and design an herbal & nutritional program that not only addresses the weight loss resistance - but can also give us that energy & joie de vivre we haven't felt in years! Some of the possible, more common causes of weight loss resistance are: -chronic physiological stress -whacked out adrenals -various hormonal imbalances -thyroid issues -fatty liver -metabolic fatigue (often from weight cycling aka yo yo dieting) -those might powerful fat cells that never go away, secreting & multiplying -Candida Some professionals talk about a "set point" which is a serious point of contention in the heath and fitness world. Very briefly summarized - the theory is our metabolism has almost a homeostatic weight thermostat - which means our metabolism will adjust us back to the body fat level it wants us to be... From experience, I believe this theory hasn't budged from the theory stage, very flawed, weak, metabolic scapegoating. I personally think a set point is our perceived conclusion, assumption from having a condition of weight loss resistance. Weight loss surgery is another outstanding choice in many cases. Again, whether we have a medical issue causing the weight loss resistance, it is not "OK, this is how my body wants to be". It doesn't mean the excess adiposity is less of a medical risk factor. Bariatric surgery is known to be the most effective and long lasting treatment for obesity and many related life threatening health conditions, but now research is proving weight loss surgery may be among the most effective treatments for metabolic conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, non-alcoholic fatty liver & obesity liver cirrhosis and sleep apnea. However, not all procedures provide the same happy ending. Choosing the right procedure for your own, specific medical issues & conditions is critical - and most facilities do not offer some of the procedures - so you won't hear about them through that provider. Do your research, know the potential side effects, make sure you are maximizing your health outcome, which is NOT necessarily accomplished through the most drastic procedures. Successful, permanent fat loss is a science. Its not just about skinny jeans & living life to the fullest - lets make sure we are alive - to live life. Yes, the battle of the bulge seems insurmountable physically & emotionally draining, get science working on your side. Shira Litwack, Medical Fitness Professional... proud creator of thousands of health enthusiasts & corporate health cultures world wide... Designing personal & corporate health coaching programs determined by your medical risk factors, lifestyle demands & health saboteurs. Medical Fitness Professional, Lifestyle & Weight Management Health Coach,Fitness & Nutrition for chronic illness recovery, smoking cessation counsellor Radio Talk Show Host/Producer bestinhealthradio Director of Health Mentoring & External Resources Canada For International Center of Excellence The Obesity Control Center with Dr. Ariel Ortiz Cancerfitcare Provider & Regional Director 1-855-TRUEBFF Article Source:

Guide to Cost Effective Weight Loss Program

Weight loss and management should be planned carefully. It may not be proper to engage in sporadic workouts or impromptu diets. Keep in mind that your body responds better to gradual variations in food and physical training. However, maintaining wholesome weight can be quite difficult. Likewise, the usual diets may not be effective for the long-term or it is not advisable opt for food that lack the necessary vitamins and nourishment. What then is the best option for people determined to get rid of the extra pounds? Food is the main source of energy for people. At the same time, your body stores surplus energy as adipose tissue. In other words, a person gains weight by eating more than what the body requires for maintenance of cells and everyday activities. Hence, the body needs to exhaust stored fats to shake off weight. You need to minimize intake of calories and be more physically active. Bring in these changes slowly but surely. Think of losing weight in terms of altering your eating patterns. Targets in weight loss are usually fixed weekly but the main goal is to keep up said changes within the next few months or years. It may also mean a gradual change of lifestyle. The person who intensifies exercises and sustain calorie ingestion and diet will definitely be successful in losing weight. You can walk for 20 minutes daily if you are not inclined to work out at the gym. You can burn calories and excess fat by exercising regularly. There are numerous activities to choose from such as swimming, jogging, engaging in team sports or attending aerobics sessions. Look for something that you will love to do and does not cost too much. Make sure that this activity will be taken in by your body systems and fit into your busy schedules. There are also simple things that you can do such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator going on longer walks during the weekend. You have to change regular food intake if you are obese. Keep in mind that you cannot reduce fats if you eat a lot of sweets. The key is not to avoid delicacies such as cakes or ice cream but to consume these foodstuffs in limited quantities. Or, be more austere by eating less and opting for healthy meals instead of snacks and carbohydrates. Crash diets are not practical because these will only make you weak. There is no shortcut to eliminating weight. Do it the logical and cost-effective way. If you are looking for an effective and healthy weight loss program such as coeliac diet plan, just click on the link. Or you can head over to Inspired Wellbeing's website at for more healthy products. Article Source:

Weight Loss Program for Obesity and Chronic Diseases

Obesity has been identified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century. Worldwide, more than 1 billion adults are overweight with at least 300 million being clinically obese. Moreover, over 22 million children, now over the age of 5, are estimated to be overweight. Obesity is also associated with a sedentary lifestyle which now ranks among the 10 leading causes of death and disability worldwide. The 2004 Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) reported that 23.1% of Canadians (5.5 million) aged 18 or older were obese (having a BMI over 30). An additional 36.1% (8.6 million) were overweight (having a BMI between 25 - 29.9) and almost 2/3 (59.2%) of Canadians are overweight or obese. Recent research confirms that the risk of death is directly related to Body-Mass-Index (BMI), waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio. The good news is that weight reduction results in reduced mortality risk. Weight gain, particularly around the mid section has life-threatening complications including the risk for Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke. There is also an increased risk of breast, colon, prostate, endometrium, kidney and gallbladder cancer. Non-fatal, but debilitating health problems associated with obesity include: respiratory difficulties, chronic musculoskeletal problems including arthritis and back pain, skin problems and Infertility. Not surprisingly, addressing the underlying lifestyle behaviours of obesity - overeating and inactivity -has had a major and in reducing the cumulative incidence of diabetes. Arthritis is one of the most prevalent chronic health conditions affecting the structure and functioning of joints (including those of the spine) leading to pain, disability and difficulty for individuals in performing everyday tasks and activities. In Canada, arthritis ranks first as a cause of disability and inability to work, a top reason for physician visits, and a significant hindrance on quality of life. Arthritis is the 3rd leading cause of chronic health problems and people with arthritis are frequent users of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which can cause gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding. Deaths due to GI bleeding were responsible for 1,322 deaths in 1998. There is a strong correlation between weight gain and arthritis, partly due to the un-necessary stress on joints from excess weight as well as inflammatory processes involved in both weight gain and joint tissue degeneration. Exercise is extremely important in your battle with arthritis. For one, it can help you to reach your weight-loss goals. Despite the abundance of diet plans, weight loss boils down to primarily on two things: expending more calories than you consume and choosing foods that enhance your metabolism. Another benefit of exercise is that it strengthens muscles that surround and support the body's joints. Strong muscles can help relieve this pressure on the joints. In general low impact exercises are recommended recreationally including, swimming, water exercise, aerobics and walking. Even modest weight loss can be beneficial and is a realistic goal to obtain. Rehabilitation should incorporate proper postural and gait exercises, isolated strengthening and balance training. There are well researched supplements to facilitate cartilage health and prevent further joint damage. Foods that are anti-inflammatory are also vital in restoring joint integrity. While most people have heard about the benefits of diet, supplements and exercise for other diseases, the benefits of good lifestyle practices for arthritis are largely overlooked. Your food selections should focus on whole grains, EFAs and mono-unsaturated fats, fruits, vegetables and lean protein sources. Try to select organic, wild and free range (grass or grain fed) whenever possible and eat fish rich in omega oils, such as salmon, mackerel and anchovies at least 2 times a week. An easy rule to remember in terms of caloric intake is the 10 servings rule. This means eating 4 daily servings of quality protein and fats (serving size is the size of your palm), 3 servings of complex carbohydrates (3 cups) and 3 servings of fruits. New research indicates that you should not sleep more or less than 7 hours per night. Any less or more will lead to weight gain. Mitigate your stress levels through exercise, relaxation, meditation, yoga, vacations and nutritional supplementation. Vitamins C and multi Bs are great vitamins that combat stress producing cortisol in the body. Lastly, EXERCISE - at least 60 minutes a day. Health benefits of regular exercise are overwhelmingly documented. Make walking and/or cycling part of your daily routine. Whatever you choose, remember to address all five factors and you will be on your way to maintaining a healthy weight and lessening your risk for many chronic diseases. There is a simple solution to combating obesity and this requires two factors: a shift in food choices and increased physical activity. Maintaining a healthy weight is dependent on five key factors: food selection, caloric intake, sleep, stress and activity. Here are 15 Basic Rules for Maintaining a Healthy Weight 1. Don't starve yourself - it's not healthy and it is doomed to failure. 2. Prepare your own meals and snacks. 3. Read labels - watch out for added sugar, salt (sodium), and ingredients whose names you can't pronounce (additives and preservatives). 4. Eat smaller portions and leave something on the plate. 5. Eat almost nothing from a box, a can, or a plastic container. 6. Eat 5 - 6 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Forget the fruit juice - just eat the fruit. 7. Eat whole grains - complex carbohydrates only. Choose healthy grains such as spelt, kamut and quinoa. 8. Minimize animal fat intake (saturated fats) with the exception of coconut oil. 9. Have a protein source with every meal. 10. Eat junk food occasionally as long as you cook it yourself! 11. Drink plenty of filtered water. You can also drink green tea. 12. Exercise and have fun doing it! 13. Plan on at least one social event with friends or family per week. 14. Get 7 hours of sleep a day. (10-12 hours a day for children and adolescents) 15. Take vitamins, minerals or nutraceuticals to supplement your diet and support your body's various systems. Dr. Connie D'Astolfo, DC, PhD (c) is the director of SPINEgroup® an integrated medical rehab clinic located in Vaughan. Dr. D'Astolfo is also pursuing a PhD at York University. She has several published peer reviewed articles and is a chapter author for several medical texts. Her interests include chronic disease prevention and management, spinal disorders and rehabilitation. You can visit our website at or contact our client care representative at 905-850-7746 for more information on our clinical programs including our popular Metabolic Weight Management Program. The SPINEgroup® Metabolic Weight Management Program is designed to strengthen your metabolism and ensure rapid weight loss while preserving and building your muscle tone. Included in the program is a personal diet plan (based on a metabolic analysis) and our proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals to support your weight loss, cognitive behavioural therapy to address food addiction (centered on self-care and motivation)a home exercise plan from our physiotherapist and strength training in-clinic with the aid of whole body vibration technology. In most cases, the metabolic weight management program will be reimbursable through your extended health insurance. 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How To Make Yoga Your Primary Weight Loss Program

If you want to lose weight using yoga, you should treat it just like any other workout routines and do it regularly. Yoga's popularity may be attributed to its uniqueness compared to other forms of workout routines. The muscles in yoga practitioners may not grow big, which is a feature that most women like about yoga, but they are improved in strength and toning just the same. To be able to get the intended health benefits from yoga, however, you should make sure that you do it often enough. You should include it in the planning of you daily activities to make sure that you have the time for it and you don't procrastinate when you have the free time. If you don't include yoga when planning your schedule, you will fail to do it regularly because you may never have the time or energy to have the enthusiasm to do it. Working out should not be done only on your free time because there are periods in a year when busy people barely have free time and their workout regimen will be neglected if they don't schedule their exercise routines. This is how people arrive at the decision to quit their exercise routines including yoga. If you want to make yoga an part of your lifestyle, here are some tips that you should follow: Prepare the necessary equipment for your yoga routines If you are planning your yoga routine, you should make sure that you cannot make any excuse to avoid doing it. Some amateur yoga practitioners often make excuses like not having the right stuff for their yoga routine. Go to the local workout shops and buy the equipment that you need. Find a wide enough place that you can use for yoga Another factor that may prevent you from practicing regularly is the place. If you can use a space in your home solely for yoga, this will help you avoid distractions. Set the number of hours that you want to put into it You should look for a time slot on your schedule that can be used for yoga. Make sure that this time cannot be used for any other purpose like catching up on some office work. Look for Yoga related social activities such as yoga holidays One of the best ways to keep doing yoga is by participating in social activities like a yoga retreat. Yoga enthusiasts frequently hold yoga retreats to make a community behind their hobby. This article gives tips on how a yoga enthusiast can make yoga a part of his or her regular daily activities. If you more detail about fit lifestyle and yoga retreat in Italy, please go to this website. Article Source:

Picking the Right Weight Loss Program

Throughout for twelve months, over 50% of the US consumers start on cutting down on calories in losing weight. For most people, it is not easy to reduce quite a few pounds, and some become successful in keeping their reduced body weight. The challenge in losing a few pounds and staying lean causes a lot of people to switch into a specialized or commercialized weight-loss system support. When it comes to subscribing to a fat loss program, make a choice intelligently. Apparently, some of the professional weight loss programs might help, provided that it keeps you motivated effectively to improve how you normally consume or raise the level of fats you lose during strenuous activity regularly. What Do I Need to Consider When Searching for a Fat Loss System? • Ensure it is safe to use. Even if you make your unique fat reduction plan or make use of a professional one, ensure it is trusted. A good eating habit must incorporate each of the prescribed regular leeway for supplements, enzymes, and protein-rich foods. The dietary plan ought to be reduced in excess fat (stamina) solely, afar from vital nutritional supplements or nutrients. Overall, a diet plan consisting of 1,000 to 1,200 calories from fat daily must be identified for a lot of women; an eating plan between 1,200 calories daily and 1,600 calories a day must be preferred for men, then again, consult with your physician initially. • Slower, steady weight reduction. This system needs to be redirected to gradually; consistent weight reduction except when your health care provider thinks your state of health might gain from extra quicker fat reduction. Anticipate eliminating no more than one pound weekly right after the first week or two. With numerous fat reduced diet plans, there's a preliminary instant weight reduction throughout the first one to two weeks, however this particular reduction is basically fluid. Your initial quick reduction in liquid could be also obtained quickly once you resume an average fat food intake. As a result, a sensible purpose of losing weight can be expected. The pace of slimming down must certainly be 1 pound to 2 pounds weekly. Whenever you are searching for a commercialized diet program, you should definitely know the fees and charges for additional products like diet supplements or foods. Other crucial things to ask to ask any prospective weight loss program include: • Are the staffs qualified consultants or health experts like authorized dietitians, physicians, and exercise physiologists? • Are the food choices suitable and acceptable? • Are the weight loss objectives set by the health professional/or the client? • Exactly how much is the average weight loss among the people who completed the program and at one year? • Are there side effects or any other issues that the clients are having with this program? What exactly are these? • Is a maintenance program available to keep or maintain the weight off once it's lost? If you intend to reduce approximately 15 pounds to 20 pounds, having any health issues, or undergoing treatment continuously, your physician need to assess you before commencing to a weight loss program. Your doctor could evaluate your current health conditions that might be affected by weight loss and dieting. It is of slight benefit to lose a large amount of weight only to reclaim it. Your weight loss program should include plans for weight maintenance after the program is over. Body wight maintenance is the hardest part of controlling weight and is not constantly implemented in weight loss programs. The program you select should help you progress your dietary habits, increase your activity, and assist you to change other lifestyle habits that caused your weight gain before. It is said that being overweight is often considered as a short-term dilemma which can be handled for just a few months having an efficient diet program. At any rate, as most over weight individuals have heard, weight management needs to be considered as a lifetime endeavor. To be efficient and safe, any weight loss program must address the long-term approach or else the program is mainly a waste of time and money. For more information about weight reduction programs and products, please visit Article Source:

Which Will Be The Best Weight Loss Program For You

Weight loss systems differ in their structure and working. Some support calorie restrictive diets, some promote a combination of diet and increased physical activity while others depend completely on the use of dietary supplements. Make your choice. Calorie Controlled Diet - A calorie restrictive diet is regarded as an effective weight loss program. The diets are low or moderate calorie diets - rich in dietary fiber and protein and low in fats. The fibers and proteins take longer to digest and hence control hunger. Diet and Exercise - The combination of diet and exercise is an unbeatable one; it is the best weight loss program. Diet implies eating healthy but low calorie foods. Exercise does not necessarily mean hard breaking exercise, but plainly increased physical activity. Aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, skipping will accelerate the metabolism. In addition to this, you need to undertake muscle building exercises. Muscle mass plays a crucial role in fat burning in the body. Fasting - Many have considered fasting plans to shed the excess unwanted pounds. Intermittent fasting has been regarded as the most effective fasting pattern in this regard. Intermittent fasting is a food pattern characterized by alternate periods of fasting and non-fasting. Fasting prompts your body to burn the fatty deposits to provide fuel for the body in the absence of food. Dietary Supplements - Dietary supplements are fast gaining popularity in the weight loss and fitness industry. They work in various ways to trim your waistline. There are fat burners (burn fatty deposits in the body); Fat blockers (prevent the formation of fatty deposits by interfering with hormone function) appetite suppressants (control hunger cravings) and diuretics (get rid of water weight). Garcinia Cambogia is one such supplement. It is made from the extract obtained from the rind of Gambogia fruit. Weight Loss Forums - In this modern age of internet, online clubs and forums also help you melt the pounds with ease. Such groups form great educational and interactive platforms. You can learn about nutrition and exercise habits for weight loss. Working together with likeminded individuals makes it easier to stick to a diet plan or exercise routine. There are several commercial and self help programs online. Commercial systems also offer packages to members - vitamin and mineral supplements, packaged diets, exercise plans and other exercise equipment such as pedometers and tools to chart your achievements. There are also free exercise and diet programs online. The effectiveness of any system is determined by your commitment to it. To add you should consult your doctor on the use of a particular system. This applies mainly if you suffer from a chronic medical condition and if you use medication. Keep these tips in mind to make the system you choose the best weight loss program for you. It will also help you sustain the achieved results. Article Source:

Effective Weight Loss Programs For Men

Losing weight might require a bit of effort but it isn't nearly as difficult as being overweight. More and more men are interested in getting in shape these days and for a number of reasons. These go beyond physical appearance and looking good. Weight loss for men is primarily about the health benefits of shedding those extra pounds. In this article, the various dynamics surrounding weight loss for men will be explored further, with a particular focus on programs suitable for men. In most cases, the need to lose weight among men is sparked by a conscious decision to look and feel healthier. The desire to lose weight is often linked to symptoms of deteriorating health from being overweight. This could be as little as feeling out of breath when walking up stairs to surviving a heart attack. It can prove difficult for men to make any meaningful strides towards losing the excess weight they've built-up over the years. The good news is there are quick weight loss products available on the market that work well. The bad news, if it was as easy as taking a pill and looking great, everybody would look great and nobody would be congratulated for their clear efforts in losing weight. The bottom line is some effort will have to go into an effective regime, but we need to work smart and not necessarily so hard. There are many methods to losing weight for men and the effectiveness of any program lies in how closely related that program is with your natural biological processes. Quick weight loss products that come in the form of a miracle pill are generally to be avoided, but quick weight loss programs can make a real difference and help anyone lose weight safely and naturally. That is the key to losing weight effectively and keeping it off, allowing the enjoyment of all the other associated benefits that come with a leaner, meaner looking body. If you are at all serious about shedding those extra pounds, safely and effectively, you may have already come across the Dukan Weight Loss Diet or their Online Coaching. This program offers a biologically sound program that involves methods that function in sync with the body's natural mechanisms. This is a positive step away from traditional diets and programs in that weight loss can be achieved rather quickly and effectively, with just a little bit of effort invested. Getting into the fundamental principles of the Dukan program, there are four phases. The first two phases have proven to be very effective in shedding those extra pounds. These two phases are concerned with reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing those carbs with a protein-rich diet. The second two phases teach you how to maintain your goal weight once you get there. Phase one is comprised of a special selection of high-protein foods. You can eat as much as you like of these foods, while still on target. This approach addresses any possibility of side-effects such as feeling hungry and light-headed or experiencing very low levels of energy. This initial period of carb-cutting and protein loading typically lasts between two and ten days. With platforms such as Dukan online coaching, the ideal combination of the 70+ protein-rich foods are extensively explored to help achieve optimal weight loss while eating as much as you want. The second phase slowly introduces another group of foods in the low carb category. With the popularity of this eating regime, there are now 1000's of excellent simple recipes available. As mentioned, the 2 next phases of the program focuses on maintaining the optimal weight that you achieved in the first 2 phases. A long-term view is what the focus is on and this part of the program is about keeping tabs on the weight and adjusting the diet accordingly to get back on track, should size measurements be out. Weight loss programs for men, with a focus on low-carbs are effective because when the body does not have carbohydrates to dig into as a source of energy, it looks for the next best source of energy, which is the fat reserves built up in the body. Protein is also the best muscle-building material for your body. In a quest to lose weight fast, men searching for quick weight loss product should go for wholesome, safe products that are effective, proven and developed by a medical professional or nutritionist. The focus through such programs is on lowering the carbohydrates and increasing protein intake, so as not to starve the body but still enjoy eating and lose weight at the same time. Focus then shifts to maintaining the new, optimal weight, with benefits that go beyond looking and feeling great. An overall healthier and happier, more efficient body and mind emerges from shedding the excess weight and bringing out the best in you. Losing weight is tough! I reached out for all the help I could get to achieve my goal weight. There are a lot of resources available, read my blog here for more tips, tricks and inspiration. Article Source:

Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs are a popular option for people who want to shed pounds rapidly in a safe manner. Over eight million Americans enroll in such programs every year. Most weight loss programs are a careful mix of a balanced diet and regular and planned exercise. Most weight loss programs provide a counselor who may be contacted via phone or Internet to answer personal questions. They also provide advice as to how weight loss may be maximized. These programs mainly focus on balanced nutrition. Several options are available which are actually customized according to special needs of clients, including diabetics, the obese, or people with high blood pressure. It must be borne in mind that several weight loss programs tend to make exaggerated claims and advertising should not be the only criteria for deciding upon a weight loss program. The Federal Trade Commission brought action against several weight loss programs that are offered challenging their claims, yet each day new programs make their way unchecked into the market. A person interested in losing weight should therefore have his/her concerns answered to his/her satisfaction before adopting a program It is generally believed that most weight loss programs are unable to provide long term weight control and therefore a the past record of a particular program must be taken as the main criteria for its adoption. Many programs, on the other hand, in view of their un-optimized diet plans can course serious health damage. One therefore needs to select a program that is reputed to be healthy and effective. Usually, the best option would involve healthy eating regime along with a plan for regular physical activity. Weight Loss Programs [] provides detailed information on Weight Loss Programs, Best Weight Loss Programs, Free Weight Loss Programs, Online Weight Loss Programs and more. Weight Loss Programs is affiliated with Weight Loss Diet Pills []. Article Source:

Have You Included Dairy Products in Your Weight Loss Program?

All of us trying to lose weight have tried number of weight loss programs including dieting, exercise etc. But for how long do we stick to a particular program? The problem is consistency and a program that does not make you eliminate your favorite dairy products completely from your diet. We consume products like eggs, milk, butter, cheese, cream, yoghurt etc. in our day-to-day life for a good number of years and then there sudden disappearance from food intake is definitely a burden. I don't deny the fact found out by researchers that eliminating a food group completely from your diet do result in weight loss. But it's temporary and also unhealthy way of reducing weight. Dairy products contain many essential nutrients necessary for our bodily functions. Yoghurt is one dairy product made of milk and live bacterial cultures that promote good health and makes for a perfect mid-day snack. It helps in digesting food and is known to be the first health food ever discovered. Other than over 10 nutrients needed by our body, it has heaps of calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin B12. If you are dieting and are not sure if dairy products are a good idea, then stick to regular home-made yoghurt instead of artificial flavored and frozen yoghurt. Dairy Australia suggests that over 80% of Australians consume dairy foods every single day in either liquid or solid form. You won't find a single superstore without any offers on dairy items. Given the health benefits of this food class, it is not a bad idea to stock it up and eat or drink nominal quantities everyday so as to without disturbing your weight loss program and yet building bones. If you are planning to do your own research about whether to include dairy food or not in your dieting program, let me warn you that you are going to end up totally confused. While many researchers claim that including dairy foods aids weight loss, there are others suggesting the exact opposite. The best way is to not eliminate any food group completely from your diet and choose those dairy products in your daily food intake that are nutritious and non- fattening. For example, while it's a good idea to stop eating ice-cream and butter, it will be healthy to eat yoghurt and drink a cup of milk. So, make an informed decision about which products will help boost your immunity and should be eaten regularly. Make an informed decision about which products will help boost your immunity and should be eaten regularly. Dairy products not only make up for yummy snack but are also very nutritious. To know more about dairy and other hospitality related products, visit our website Article Source: A

Fat Loss Program For Women Over 40 - Weight Loss Made Easy

A fat loss program for women over 40 needs to get the job done. I'm going to be honest and straight to the point here because you deserve to hear the truth. Once you hit the magical age of 40, as a women you will start to lose anywhere between 6% and 8% of your muscle every decade. Now I know you don't want to look like a bodybuilder and be all big and muscular, but every little bit of lean muscle you have helps to burn body fat around the clock. That's right, those tight, lean muscles are actually the best fat burner on the planet. Just by maintaining what you have will keep you body in burn mode 24/7. To combat this fact of life there are two options. You either need to maintain what you already have or work toward getting some more. Now, once again, don't be fearful of lifting weights and bulking up. If it were that simple to lift some weights and turn into the next Arnold Schwarzenegger then we wouldn't be in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Either way you need to hit the weights. Now when I say that, it doesn't really matter what type of resistance training you use in a fat loss program for women over 40. I would stick to using a mixture of body weight, kettlebells and other free weights. Aim for three, 30 minute, sessions per week with a focus on quality and intensity. That wasn't a misprint, three, short and hard sessions per week is all you are going to need to maintain that important, fat burning lean muscle. Stick with full body or compound exercises such as squats, lunges, pushups, pull ups, pulldowns, jumps, swings and presses. You don't need to do any extra abdominal exercises because the overall effect of your training will ensure that you have a strong and firm core. As you start to lose more belly fat, this sexy lean waistline will reveal itself (without hundreds of boring crunches or situps). If you have more time available to train, then add on some high intensity interval training and you will be able to burn even more fat. It goes without saying that you need to be following sensible eating plan. Make sure it has the right combination of lean protein, quality carbohydrates and good fats. Once you are eating the correct foods, then we need to look at portion control which will really flick the switch and turn your body into a fat burning furnace! Want a Proven Strategy to Losing Weight Really Fast? Don't Follow the Mainstream! Download my free 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Eating Plans: Fat Loss Eating Plan Quickly lose weight for any "Special Event". Click Here ---> "Slow and Steady" won't serve you well if you want to look great now! Article Source:

Christian Weight Loss Program for Self Sabotage and Effects of Sexual Abuse

One out of three women and an estimated one out of six boys have been sexually abused in their lifetime. If you struggle with obesity and being overweight, it's important for you to realize that the sexual abuse that you experienced when you were younger may be a contributing factor to your weight gain, food addiction or eating disorder. It is obvious that inactivity and eating more calories that you can burn off is the physical reason that your body carries excess fat. As you may already know, any diet or exercise plan can work in getting weight off... temporarily. The weight comes back 90% of the time and you blame yourself for lack of willpower or strength of character to keep the weight off... right? It's time to look a little bit deeper if you were a victim of sexual abuse as a child or as an adult. There are spiritual stumbling blocks that are holding you back from your ideal weight and size. Although you know in your mind the right thing to do, for some reason you can't make yourself do it. The Apostle Paul in the bible shared these same feelings... Romans 7:15 I don't really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don't do it. Instead, I do what I hate Side-effects/Symptoms of being sexually abused in the past: Feeling angry, afraid, ashamed, guilty, embarrassed, confused and worthless Thinking you're unattractive, incompetent, inadequate, and unwanted by others Developing antisocial behavior, learning disabilities, interpersonal tensions, inefficiency at work Being abusive to yourself via overeating, self mutilation, drugs or alcohol Developing sexual problems, aversion to sex or becoming promiscuous Developing mental disorders, anxiety disorders and personality disorders Losing of faith in God, becoming angry with God and wondering why God would let this happen Struggling with forgiveness and having trouble trusting that God will protect you Struggling with developing or maintaining loving relationships with your spouse, family and friends (This is just the tip of the iceberg) #1 Victory Step Toward Success Past sexual abuse can be why it's especially hard for you to lose weight. You have this tremendous weight on your shoulders holding you back from feeling real trust, love and joy. Jesus came so you can have life more abundantly. Open up your heart to the Lord, and let the healing process begin. You can get through this, life can be much better for you. Accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior and pray for deliverance and peace in this area of your life. Find a bible based church and a support group to stay in the realm of hope and encouragement. John 3:16 "For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. #2 Victory Step Toward Success You may be holding resentment towards the perpetrator who hurt you and toward God for letting horrible things happen to you, but it is important for you to forgive the person/persons who sexually abused you and know that God loves you more than you can imagine. Matthew 6:14 For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. There is no excuse or good reason to sexually assault another human being, understand that people who do abuse others are in desperate need of psychological and spiritual help themselves. They become sexual predators because a number of reasons... Environmental stress that they don't know how to handle - exposure to excess violence, money problems, judgment of homosexuality etc. They were abused and neglected themselves or observed violence in their own household when they were little kids Abusers are often insecure, impulsive, threatened people with low self-esteem. They try to boost their feelings of inadequacy by demonstrating power over their victims. Excessive exposure to violence on television, music, video games and easy access to pornographic material on the internet constantly tempts the spiritually weak to act on evil impulses Abuse thrives in cultures or families where women are assumed to be inferior and children are demeaned. Sometimes church leaders unintentionally communicate this message and encourage violence when they preach biblical submission. Galatians 5:19 When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear: sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, Please realize that God is a loving, giving and forgiving God that sometimes let good people go through bad things to be a testimony of how a person can go through the fire and end up victorious. God could allow these things to happen to wake people up to the fact that we need to look out for one another more and stand up for what is right. People who have been abused in the past may have more compassion towards child sex slaves, prostitutes, domestic violence and rape victims and may be more inclined to help these people with nonjudgmental care and concern. Perhaps this is your call to ministry or activism, Lord knows there are not enough people rushing to help the abused and abandoned. Either way, you have a unique perspective on this issue because of what happened to you. What does this have to do with weight loss? Everything! When you are busy helping someone else, you have no time to dwell on your own problems. There is no time to sit back and drown your sorrows in a whole box of doughnuts or an entire pizza when you're too busy advocating for the rights of children who have been abused. #3 Victory Step Toward Success What I'm saying is... depression and weight gain comes from turning your focus inward towards yourself and how horrible you think you life is. It's literally meditating on the negative. You have the power to change the way you feel by turning your thought focus outward, toward helping others. Let your body become an instrument of righteousness, instead of the target of self loathing thoughts, negative emotions and harsh judgment. Your victory awaits! Amen. Romans 6:13 Do not let any part of your body become an instrument of evil to serve sin. Instead, give yourselves completely to God, for you were dead, but now you have new life. So use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God. Bonnie Mechelle is the author of the best seller: Overcome Compulsive Overeating... Now, and the executive producer of The Healthtopia Radio Show in Atlanta, Georgia. She has lost over 120 pounds naturally on her own and now empowers women who struggle with weight gain, divorce, single motherhood, eating disorders, chronic illness and clinical depression. See her latest movie, The Inner Weigh and subscribe to her Christian Women's e-Magazine at If you're ready for one-to-one faith-based weight loss coaching, get started at God bless you. Article Source:

Fast Weight Loss Exercise Program

A fast weight loss exercise program is fairly simple to develop and implement. The real question is, "Can you stick with it long enough to lose weight?" We all know that exercise is important to maintaining a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. We also know that exercise is an important ingredient in our plan to control our body weight. There are a variety of fast weight loss plans available. Let's take a look at a fast weight loss exercise program that you can implement immediately. You can use this fast weight loss plan as described or tweak it to fit your individual preferences. The best fast weight loss exercise program is . . . walking! Are you surprised? Well, let's take a look at why walking is the best of the fast weight loss plans. Walking is an aerobic exercise. Aerobic means literally "with air" and includes activities that are moderately intense, activities that you can continue for extended periods of time, and activities that use the large muscle groups in our arms and legs. Jogging, cycling, skiing, and rowing are also forms of aerobic exercise. The reason walking is the best choice is because it can be done by anyone at anytime, anywhere, by ourselves, and with no special equipment. It's simple, invigorating, and effective at assisting with weight loss. Arguably the most important benefit of walking is that it prepares us mentally for the challenge of weight loss. The most important ingredient in any fast weight loss plan is action. We must take action before any change will occur. Walking is an action that is both simple and easy. The action of walking is a signal to our subconscious that we are ready to include additional actions in our weight loss regimen. Aerobic exercise offers specific benefits related to weight loss including: Aerobic exercise burns calories. Most of us discover that we consume less food when we exercise on a regular basis. This combination of exercise and reduced calories results in fast weight loss. Aerobic exercise burns both carbohydrates and fat during the first 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, your body primarily burns fat. Muscle burns more calories than fat. Aerobic exercise helps to increase muscle mass. Consequently, you will be able consume more calories without gaining weight. You will find that a moderate amount of aerobic exercise will decrease your desire to eat. You will also find that with a consistent amount of moderate aerobic exercise your tendency to overeat will decrease. It is well-documented that both stress and depression are reduced as a result of moderate aerobic exercise. So, there you have it! A fast weight loss exercise program can be structured around moderate aerobic exercise, beginning with walking. And, the great news is that you CAN stick with walking long enough to lose weight. Now it's up to you. Start right now. Take a walk. That's your first step toward maintaining a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. Take a look at this fast weight loss exercise program []. You can read more articles as well as take a closer look at a highly successful fast weight loss plan. Click here for more info about fast weight loss plans. You can do it! Free Site Traffic Article Source: Article Source:

The Perfect Cardio Exercise Weight Loss Program

The weight loss and health industry is currently inundated with products like diet pills, diet powders, and diet shakes that promise to miraculously work in reducing your weight. What you should know is, most of these products don't really work as advertised. Some products may work to a certain extent, but they won't be suitable for everyone. What works for your best friend in Accounting, might not work for you at all. The only thing that is guaranteed to work in helping you to lose weight is exercise - cardio exercise weight loss to be exact. There are many types of cardio exercise weight loss programs that you can follow - but in essence they are similar. If you are already following a cardio exercise weight loss program that works great for you, by all means try to stick to the program. If you are consistent in your exercise program, you will eventually get the good results that you wanted. Any fat loss workout program that is in line with basic health guidelines is a program that will work. But just to make sure, you may want to consult with your doctor first to make sure your health and body condition permits you to undertake such cardio exercise weight loss program. As previously mentioned, not every program will work for every one, since we are all unique being. A workout routine that works best for one person, may not at all be suitable for you. Unfortunately, you have to go through the exercises first to know if they suit you or not. If you're comfortable doing it and you can see good results within a couple of weeks, then it's safe to say that you have found the right cardio exercise program. However, if upon doing the cardio weight exercise program for a couple of weeks you don't see any improvement, you may want to start thinking about doing another cardio exercise weight loss program. Whatever exercise you do, it's important to set a realistic goal. Just because you're not seeing any significant results, it doesn't mean that it won't work in the long term. In case you're wondering, the average healthy amount to lose each week is around 2 pounds. This can be achieved through healthy diet and regular exercises. Do what exercise is best for you and you will get the results in no time at all - as long as you are consistent. Jessica Tanady loves to write articles since 4 years ago, both offline and online. While she's keen on topics of beauty, fitness and weight loss, she has demonstrated her writing skills on a wide array of topics. Visit her latest articles on candy gift boxes [] which reviews and discuss about small gift bags []. Article Source:

Crossfit: A Highly Effective Program For Weight Loss

In a standard workout routine you might spend 20 to 40 minutes on aerobics one day. The next day yoga might be the centerpiece with the following day abs the main area to be addressed, and the next day your upper body and so on and so on. Eventually, you'll work your way through all the muscle groups over the period of a week. A small period of time may be spent working on balance and agility, but over all, your progress will be limited and gradual. A Crossfit workout is completely different. You work every major muscle group in your body each time you work out. Routines may only last 20 or 30 minutes but they are relentless and very intense. Now, what makes these workouts so special? Well, first there's the fact that you get a total body workout with each training session. Imagine progressively pushing every muscle in your body, 20 to 30 minutes a day, every single day of the week. You'll gain: Strength Power Flexibility Speed Coordination Agility Endurance Balance Stamina In just a few workouts you'll begin to notice not only the changes in your physical appearance but changes to your mental attitude as well. With standard workouts your results are much more gradual, and it could take an extended period of time before a person will notice any physical changes. Standard physical fitness routines rarely challenge an individual's constitution the way a Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) does. This normally does well for an individual's swagger or confidence giving them the feeling they can accomplish significant challenges that life may throw in their path. A typical Crossfit routine might consist of: Running while carrying weights followed by intense weight lifting Running while using dumbbells, followed by jumping rope and then weight lifting Shotgun-fast, multiple repetitions of squats, sit-ups and pull-ups While Crossfit training is much more than a basic weight loss program, it does help to adopt healthy eating habits to speed up the weight loss process. Completely eliminating sugar from your diet is a great first step. Avoid fried foods. You should also reduce the calories you get from starches, like potatoes. The best bet is to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, lots of nuts and seeds, and only lean meats. To discover more about healthy eating pick up a book on the Paleo Diet, which is highly endorsed by the Crossfit community. Finally, remember to drink plenty of water. Crossfit workouts are probably the most effective workouts for weight loss because they create a fast, intense metabolic burn that makes it possible for a person's body to continue to burn fat for hours after each workout. With a Crossfit program a person will burn fat faster than they would with a standard workout routine. Add in a healthy diet and the fat burning power is drastic and almost immediate. David L. Wood is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer, performance enhancement, and corrective exercise specialist. David is the owner of Crossfit Little Rock and invites you to visit his website for daily workout posts, nutritional information, exercise and weight loss tips, and many other health and fitness related topics. Article Source:

Best Weight Loss Program For Women Over 40 - Follow These Simple Tips You Can Use Starting Today

Are you a woman over 40? Do you look for a weight loss program? Would you like to have a slim figure quicker than you ever thought possible? Let me share with you a couple of my favorite tips to help you losing weight quickly- the best weight loss program for women over 40 should include all of these. The first tip is to get your metabolism up in the morning to speed up burning fat as early as possible in the day. In women over 40 the natural fat burning mechanisms slow down. It would help greatly if you could have some exercise early in the morning. You should get your blood pressure up which has been low while sleeping. Some squats and pushups will be sufficient, followed by a cold shower. Ensure you eat breakfast as well. The next tip is to have 5-6 small, healthy meals every 2-3 hours. It will keep your metabolism up throughout the day. And: You won't feel tempted to eat large, unhealthy meals with lots of calories. Your meals should have 300 calories maximum, and include as little sugar (including fruit sugar) as possible. The last tip is to have a proper exercise plan. Include strength training, cardio and flexibility training. Do something every day- it would be great if you could set aside at least 30 minutes for this. Of course, the best weight loss program for women over 40 should include many more components and be much more detailed. The changes in the hormone system of women over 40 make it hard to lose weight permanently - you need a specific weight loss program targeting your situation. Are you a woman over 40? I've created a free, personalized program for women over 40 who want to lose weight permanently. How would you like to get excellent, lasting weight loss results- be attractive, healthy, energetic, youthful? This program adjusts to your specific situation and keeps you motivated while you enjoy healthy eating and exercise. Sign up for your free, personalized "Lose Weight Permanently" program at Perry Permann Article Source:

Free Weight Loss Programs Review

Losing weight is something that a large portion of the population is attempting to do today. Over 80% of all individuals over the age of 25 are overweight according to a recent survey. This is a large number, which accounts for why there are so many different weight loss programs available today. While many of them can charge a hefty fee, there are also free weight loss programs also available on the market. Even though they may be free, you still want to find the best and most effective weight loss program, which is where a free weight loss programs review comes in very handy. Even though a weight loss program may be free, you still don't want to waste your time on it unless it's going to be effective. Everyone wants a weight loss program that will cost them the least amount of money but do the most good. A free weight loss programs review will help you to decide which one will work best for you. In spite of the many different weight loss programs available, Weight Watchers is still the most popular and most widely used. While Weight Watchers may charge a fee for their services, a lot of their services are free. They also have an online site that is very informative and helpful. Dietbug is a free weight loss program that was rated excellently. You fill out a form giving your weight and height and you'll be sent a diet to follow, which can be customized to something you enjoy more. They also offer a 24/7 support group as well as a journal, points and as much communication with other members as you need. If you're serious about dieting but aren't sure where to begin or don't have a lot of money to invest initially in expensive diet programs, a free weight loss programs review can help you find a diet program that if not free, but will offer a free trial period to see if it works for you. Try a free weight loss reviews [] site for diet pills & weight loss programs to see what consumers are saying who tried them. Get the latest free weight loss programs [] review. Dr. Knox Grandison is a part time physician and has been a wellness and prevention doctor for over 10 years. Article Source:

Weight Loss Program Without Cardio

For the vast majority of gym-goes, there are only 2 workout splits that should ever be used. 1) Total body routines 2) Upper/Lower splits Too many people are still using old school body building splits in hopes of getting a better body. Look, if your primary goals are to lose fat, get stronger, or get bigger, body part splits are a complete waste of time. That brings up an important point. If your main goal is fat loss and your personal trainer has you doing chest and triceps one day, back and biceps the next, and legs and shoulders another day, you should fire that person right now. I'm serious: quit wasting your money. That person has no clue what they're doing. I'll admit: when I first started training at 16 I used those same body part splits. There were designated days to work back, chest, shoulders, arms, and legs. In hindsight, and knowing what I know now, this was completely ignorant. But the more I studied successful and distinguished trainers and coaches, and experimented with myself and clients, the more I learned! I'll give you a very simple breakdown of what routine you should be using depending on your goals. If you can only train 3 days a week: without a doubt, you should be using total body routines. This will ensure you elevate your metabolism and hit your muscles with enough frequency. If you want to train 4 days a week: you should use an upper/lower split. Two days a week you'll train your lower body, and two days a week you'll train your upper body. Be sure you use different exercises and sets and reps each day. If your main goal is fat loss: I would suggest a total body routine. You can use an upper/lower split if you want, but I am partial to total body for this goal. Pick compound movements (squats, pushups, chin-ups, lunges, rows, dips, deadlifts) and perform in a circuit if you are able. Today I will give a sample workout for this goal, since it is what most people are interested in. Here's a great total body training program for fat loss. If you can, perform these exercises in circuit fashion (you'll perform 1 set of each exercise before repeating the first exercise again). If not, try to super-set two exercises (example: perform a set of squats, rest for the designated period, perform a set of pushups, rest, and repeat for the designated sets). Monday: Sets: 4 Reps: 9 Rest: 60 seconds between exercises 1a) Squat 1b) Decline Pushup 1c) DB Reverse Lunge 1d) Chin-up (If you can't use your body weight, put a bar in the squat rack at about chin height. This will allow you to use your legs for assistance) After you go through the circuit 4 times, feel free to spend 10 minutes working on whatever you want. This is your chance to do direct arm work or abdominal exercises. Finisher: Tabata Seal Jumps. Do seal jumps (this is a jumping jack except your legs for forward and backward and your arms go from straight out from your side to straight in front of your chest) for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. Repeat this for 4 minutes. Watch the second hands on a clock to ensure you stick with the work and rest periods. Rest 2 minutes and repeat one more time. Wednesday: Sets: 5 Reps: 6 Rest: 45 seconds between exercises 1a) 1 Leg RDL 1b) 1 Arm DB Push Press 1c) Front Squat 1d) 1 Arm DB Row Once again, feel free to spend 10 minutes doing whatever you would like. Finisher: Perform each exercise for 1 minute with no rest between exercises 1) Bodyweight squat 2) Pushups (perform on your knees if necessary 3) Jumping Jacks 4) Squat thrust Rest 2 minutes after performing 1 minute of each exercise, and repeat 2-3 more times Friday: Sets: 4 Reps: 12 Rest: 75 seconds between exercises 1a) DB Reverse Lunges 1b) DB Incline Bench Press 1c) Sumo deadlift 1d) Pull-up (If you can't use your body weight, put a bar in the squat rack at about chin height. This will allow you to use your legs for assistance) Once again, feel free to spend 10 minutes doing whatever you would like. Finisher: 1 Arm Dumbbell Swings. Perform 15 swings with each arm, rest 30 seconds. Repeat 5-6 more times. On one or two off days during the week you can perform a bodyweight session to increase your rate of fat loss. Here are a few things you can do: 1) Jumping Jacks x30 2) Wide Stance Squats x15 3) Inverted Rows x12 4) Reverse Lunges x10 each leg 5) Push-ups x12 6) Plank x30 seconds Perform each exercise without rest. After you finish the last exercise, rest for 1-2 minutes. Repeat the circuit 3-5 more times. Here's another example: 1) Burpees x10 Sound simple? Just wait until you try it. Perform 10 burpees, rest 1 minute, and repeat about 5-9 times. These are tougher than they sound. To perform a burpee: stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down and put your hands on the floor outside of your feet. Kick your feet back so you're in the top of a pushup. Jump your feet back up to your hands, and then explore straight up in the air. Land softly and repeat. There you go. That is a great program for fat loss. Give every exercise your best effort, and be consistent. And don't forget about your nutrition! For the FREE report - 10 Fat Loss Myths Exposed - and more no BS fat loss training and nutrition information, go to Article Source:

Weight Loss Program - Tips and Tricks on How to Choose the Best Weight Loss Program

Within all the flood of weight lose medication, diet plans and fitness routines, how exactly do you identify the best weight loss program that will help you to lose weight fast? Losing weight can be a tricky thing. There are hundreds of weight lose programs available in the market; some programs will make tall claims but not be effective at all, while some might even prove harmful to the body. It's important to choose the right weight lose plan instead of trying different programs and putting your body through unnecessary strain. Following are some simple considerations that can help you choose the most effective and best weight loss program. Exercise is the basis for a fit and healthy body. No matter what weight lose programs claim, there is no substitute for exercise and physical activity when it comes to weight lose. The best lose weight program should have a lot of exercise worked into it and that may include weight training and if possible weight lifting. You are what you eat, so also make sure the program prescribes a balanced diet. Crash diets often lead to weakness and irritability. Diets that claim a quick fix are known to result in drastic and quick weight loss, followed by drastic weight gain. Basically, these diets are just not sustainable! Check whether the program offers a selection of foods that make sure your body receives necessary nutrients in recommended quantities. Many programs make false promises on fast weight lose and set unrealistic goals. Look carefully at how much weight lose the program promises and in how long. The best weight loss program is that which sets practical targets over a reasonable period of time, and is easy to stick to. Quick fix diets and programs can cause weakness and ultimately lead to desperation and giving up. The key is - not just how to lose weight, but to keep it off! Consider a program that teaches you to maintain your new weight. Losing weight is not about going on unhealthy crash diets but to make some key changes in your lifestyle that will help you be healthy and fit. An unrealistic program will totally bar you from certain food items. A good weight loss plan will not be severe but will make key changes to your diet. For example, changing from whole milk to skimmed or semi skimmed milk! So, the best weight lose program will not only make you fit, but help you stay fit as well! Check the credibility of the program through people and costs. If the program advertises health experts or doctors on their panel, it's wise to look the panel up and check their credentials. Also, calculate the total cost of the program. Take into account the cost of the program (membership fee) and recommended supplements or special foods that incur costs later into the program. There are far too many quack diets and programs and you don't want to be wasting your time on them! Lastly, check out how much time the program demands. Often weight lose programs need you to attend additional meetings or expert counselling, check that you're going to be able to spend all that time on the program. There is lot of flexibility in how much time various programs demand. Keep in mind all the tips above and with some research, you will be able to find the best weight loss program, that is, one that suits your individual needs and is most effective in helping you Choosing a weight loss program can be a nightmare to someone who have no access to reliable information. We have complied tons of weight loss tips on how to choose an appropriate weight loss program to suit your lifestyle. Visit us at for an unbaised review on the best weight loss programs available on the market. Article Source:

Quick Weight Loss Program Adds Weight Rapidly

Who does not want a slim and healthy body? It is not an unusual expectation. Many people have won the battle of building a fit body along with inner health. This is not true for all who have tried to get a fit body, because lots of hard work is required to achieve it. It did not come just by omitting a meal or walking a mile for few days. People are impatient. They seek immediate solution. People begin to understand the beauty of a fit body after they lose it. So they want to get it back quick by losing weight quick. Losing weight is a slow process. Naturally they have a visual impression of not getting a good look back overnight; they do not adhere to a weight loss program for long. This is the main cause of their failure. A Quick weight loss diet may sometime become too demanding because it loses weight by low carbohydrate. It only works as long as one stick to the diet plan. When they leave the plan and get back to old diet plan, they gain more weight. Thus, the result of a quick weight loss diet is weight gain because one will not be able to stick to quick weight loss diet for the rest of your life. It is now scientifically proven that quick weight loss diet does not put any effect on losing excess fat. It is water that one will lose with any rapid weight loss program. That is one gets proof of weight loss by losing water which can be gained again easily. Again losing water make a person dehydrated. Dehydration is not good for anyone. One need to lose extra fat, not water. So do not be a fool by eye-catching commercials and do not go for quick weight loss program. Slimming soap is another quick weight loss product. These soaps are known to contain Chinese herbs and seaweed which help cut down extra fat by emulsifying during baths. Scientific studies have proved that any soap or product can not emulsify the subcutaneous fat by just applying over the skin. These soaps may improve the skin to look good, better even excellent, but the soaps do not help one emulsify your excess body fat. So these soaps can not lose your weight. Thus, taking this quick weight loss program with a normal diet will help one gain weight only. Another quick weight loss product is that suppresses the hunger and increases the metabolic rate. It seems quite right for a program of losing weight, but it has some unpleasant side effects. Moreover, being not able to eat by suppressing hunger center does not make us feel better. It fills the mind with dissatisfaction of eating behavior. One cannot live with this feeling happily. My father is an obese and diabetic patient. He needed to control his diet habit for losing weight and controlling diabetes. He first tried with some drug that decreased his appetite. He did it with the doctor's advice, of course. With the pill/drug, he was not happy at all. His appetite decreased so much that he could not tolerate any food in front of him. He began to suffer mentally that he can not eat anymore like a normal person. Then he stopped taking the pill and started controlling diet by his own will and determination. Now he takes controlled diet and lives with a peaceful mind that he can eat when he wants. His appetite is intact, but he is dieting on choice. Finally, the thing is "No pain, no gain". If any person truly want to have a fit and healthy body, by losing weight, then one should try slowly. One should not fall for quick weight loss programs. If one find any program too good to be true, then they are. So always avoid them. Dr. Md. Mazharul Islam If you want to know more about health and health related problems and their probable but achievable solution, you can visit health & nutrition blog Article Source: Article Source:

Suzanne Somers Diet Plan - A Healthy Weight Loss Program

With the wide variety of weight loss programs it is difficult to find one to follow. But if your goal is to have healthy weight loss than Suzanne Somers' diet plan might be your answer for a healthy weight loss program. Aside from Suzanne Somers' popularity you may wonder what it is about her diet plan that makes it a healthy one and keeps attracting people to use it? There are many ways to answer this but I will share with you what attracted me to Suzanne Somers' diet plan. It is not something that I found on my own. Someone recommended that I read one of her books after I realized I had gained a little weight that I needed to lose. What drew me to try her diet plan are the following points. You are not required to take supplements. I have never been one to take a magic pill to get the results I want. I always wonder what the side effects are and what happens after you quit taking it. If you want to get results you are going to have to work for them a little bit. There is no calorie counting or limited calorie intake. This is something that I have tried and honestly it takes a lot of dedication to sit down and figure out whether you should eat something because it might push you over a calorie limit. Being a busy person as most people are I don't necessarily have the time to sit down and work out a meal plan that keeps me within a specific calorie range. I also know that my calorie needs are different from the rest of my family. It doesn't make sense to cook one way for yourself and prepare something different for the rest of the family. What is nice about Suzanne Somers' diet plan is that everyone can enjoy the same foods. Which leads me to another point. There are no specialty items needed to follow Suzanne Somers' healthy weight loss program. You are eating and preparing real food. She always provides plenty of recipes to follow so it takes the work out of how to prepare a meal. Through Suzanne Somers' diet plan you are cleansing your body naturally. As with following any weight loss program there are things that you should avoid but Suzanne Somers' explains why this is necessary. After you are aware of how things can really have an effect on your body giving them up is much easier. Lastly Suzanne Somers' diet plan is one that is easy to follow. Her plan consists of two levels. In level one you are making the changes to your diet that help get your body functioning properly to lose weight. With level two you are maintaining your weight. At this level you can add some of the things back into your diet that you had eliminated in moderation. But if you find that you are gaining weight than you already have the knowledge to make the adjustments in your diet to get back on track. Suzanne Somers' diet plan is one that I adopted over seven years ago and it has been a healthy lifestyle change for my whole family. It is an easy to follow diet plan and it is also something that is suitable for everyone because you learn to eat foods that are good for your body. Visit to start your healthy weight loss program. Article Source: Article Source:

Natural Weight Loss Programs - Ayurvedic Therapies To Peel Off Accumulated Fat

A large number of people including teenagers and adults face the problem of obesity because of their unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activities, low metabolism rate and other reasons. You need to follow some proper natural and healthy weight loss programs and diet plans in order to get rid of your extra body fat in a safe, secure and effective manner. Ayurvedic Obesity and Weight Loss programs are considered some of the most beneficial natural fat burning programs these days. These programs make use of a perfect combination of ancient ayurveda plus other yoga therapies. With the help of these ayurvedic weight reduction programs, you can lose weight as well as heal your mind and soul in a fun loving and enjoyable manner. The duration of these programs range from 4-16 weeks and include the following activities. 1. Herbal Weight loss & Obesity Massage - Udvartana It is a special ayurveda massage treatment in order to reduce weight effectively. Herbal powder or paste is applied on the body and a deep massage is given with certain specific movements for an hour everyday by 2 therapists. This therapy helps in reducing weight, removing cellulites, provides good skin complexion and removes harmful toxins from the body, all in a natural manner. 2. Yoga For Reducing Obesity & Weight Loss The weight loss therapy is combined with various effective fat burning meditation and yoga exercises. Special asanas are taught to the obese people and they are required to practice these asanas every day. These asanas focus on the fat accumulated regions of your body and help in burning the surplus fat in an effective manner. Yoga and meditation exercises can be done for at least 1-4 hours on daily basis. Meditation along with yoga is recommended to the people, as it helps in keeping you resolved towards losing your weight. 3. Nature Exercise And Walks Exercise is one of the most integral parts of every weight loss program as it helps in losing weight in a quick and effective manner. The ayurvedic walk and exercises are performed at different natural places. Along with burning extra calories you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and explore the nature. A healthy walk for about an hour or two helps in burning considerable amount of surplus body fat. Performing various fat burning exercises in a natural environment will help you in getting fresh air and energy to perform more and burn more. Therefore, ayurvedic weight loss programs are one of the most effective and healthy natural weight reduction programs, helpful in reducing the dimensions of your stomach. Find out Natural Weight Loss Programs guide and learn how to loss your weight with Belly Fat diet Plans. Article Source: Article Source:

How Detox Programs Remove Toxins and Prevent Weight Loss Failure

Permanent weight loss is dependent upon peak liver performance. In order to burn fat and lose weight, our liver converts fat in the form of triglycerides into energy. However, fat soluble toxins in the liver severely impede your liver function and stop fat burning. A well-designed program that supports the liver will enhance fat burning and result in permanent weight loss. Your liver is responsible for maintaining energy balance for different systems throughout the body that require energy to do their function. Muscle uses free fatty acids, the brain uses glucose for energy. When the liver is required to make energy from stored fatty acids due to calorie restriction, toxins that are stored in fat cells along with triglycerides are circulated into the liver for processing. The liver is like a factory that has limited resources and cannot function without proper maintenance. Toxins cause the liver to require more resources (special amino acids, polypeptides, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes) and without them, similar to a factory, the liver will shut down. In order to break the load of toxins coming into the factory the liver will halt the process of breaking down triglycerides. Circulating triglycerides are restored into fat cells. Hence, the process of burning free fatty acids is reversed due to toxic overload in the liver. When the liver cannot process toxins fast enough, it will not convert the fat into glucose for energy consumption. At this point weight loss stops or worse, weight begins to accumulate again even on a low calorie diet. In order to lose weight and excess body fat, a weight loss program must encourage the consumption and reduction of internal fat rather than protein. If the body consumes protein instead of fat it breaks down muscle and connective tissue resulting in weakness and emaciation. The solution to successful long term weight loss begins with a detox system that will support and increase liver metabolism in order to reduce toxic load that naturally surges as fat cells are consumed for energy. (It's like running a car engine with 94 octane versus 87 octane). To be effective weight loss should be a system that is followed over time. For those who are serious about permanent weight loss, one of the best initial programs is a simple and effective 14 day detox system. The goal is to get healthy and eliminate toxins in our bodies such as pesticides, herbicides and industrial chemicals that enter our bodies through the food we eat, water, juices, sodas, alcohol and the air we breathe. These toxins enter our bodies negatively affecting our health, vitality and contribute to chronic diseases. A 14 day detox system can remove toxins from our bodies enabling the body to lose weight and reduce body fat. Other benefits include increased energy, healthier skin and hair, restful sleep, clear thinking, positive moods and the start to healthy habits for prolonged health. Additional benefits of a 14 Day Detox System include: • Improves digestion issues • Reduces or eliminates bad breath • Reduces fatigue and increases energy • Relieves constipation and headaches • Improves skin, reducing or eliminating itchy skin and rashes • Relieves joint pain • Increases concentration and reduces irritability A successful 14 day detox program includes a balanced diet supplemented with protein, herbs, nutrients and antioxidants to help the liver balance detoxification pathways. Be sure to avoid foods such as sugar, sweeteners, gluten containing grains including wheat, oats and rye, dairy products alcohol and desserts. Implementing a 14 day detox program is a simple and effective short term strategy for getting you on a path of long term health and permanent weight loss. Dr Gary Gruber of New Canaan CT is one of the leading experts of natural health and weight loss with solutions based on empirical evidence (clinical) over the past 12 years. To learn more about a 14 day detox program and natural solutions for improved health visit Article Source:

Weight Loss Programs - Which Is Best For You?

In most cases, the specific weight loss program you choose has little to do with whether you will lose weight or not. Weight loss occurs when you consume fewer calories than your body is using. As a result, it does not matter if you choose to follow a low carb diet or a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet or a high protein diet, your own special homemade diet or any of the many commercial diet programs. So long as the plan you choose to follow results in your burning more calories than you are eating, you will lose weight. Therefore, the optimum diet program for you will be the one that fits in best with your personal and cultural preferences concerning food choices and exercise requirements as well as your reason for dieting in the first place. The fact of the matter is that there is no single best weight loss plan (or even one best set of weight loss tips) for everyone. Every person is different, both physiologically as well as psychologically. Your body and you mind are going to react to stimuli differently whether that stimuli is food or thought. The type of eating and/or exercise plans that work well for one person may not be workable at all for another. Same goes for motivation: what motivates (or discourages) one person may have the exact opposite effect on another. The main reason diets fail is not a lack of determination; it is because the dieter chose the wrong plan and simply could not continue to follow that plan. To give yourself the best chance of being successful, you must consider all aspects of any program you are considering and determine how well each component (food, exercise and motivation/support) fits into your lifestyle. Determining Which Weight Loss Program Is Your Best Fit The first thing you must do when searching for a weight loss program is to ignore the commercials you see for all the "new" and or "improved" diet plans. That is not to say you cannot consider one of these programs; it is just that the advertising can (and is designed to) sway your decision-making and you should not consider any advertising claims when selecting a plan to follow. To find the best fit for you, we suggest that you take the following into consideration: Are you self motivated? If so, then support groups (online or off) and weekly meetings should not factor into you decision. However if you are a private person, then plans, such as weight watchers, that emphasize support groups and meeting should probably be avoided. On the other hand, if you need the support, this component (including the quality of the support as well as the frequency) should be one of the first things you look for. Do you like to cook? If so, you will probably not do well on any of the meal delivery programs. However, if you don't cook or live a life on the go, following a pre-packaged meal program may be a better choice. Same thing goes for certain foods and food types. If you have cultural or religious preferences or just foods you cannot or will not eat, then you have to determine if the program has adequate substitutions for those foods. If not, then you should avoid those programs. What is your feeling about exercise? Do you like to exercise or do you hate it? Do you have time to exercise or will it be something you have to make time for? If you have a physical limitation or lack of time or just hate the thought of exercise, then you will not want to choose a plan that derives most of its benefit from an exercise plan. Note: even a little increase in the exercise you are getting will aid whatever diet plan you do chose and will help make you healthier; however, if the plan is really an exercise plan with a diet component, you should really look elsewhere if exercise is not your cup of tea. Are you looking for fast results without a real concern for long-term sustainability? If so, diet programs that use supplements (natural, over the counter or even prescription), severe calorie restriction diets (never a good idea long-term) or gimmicky diets like the Birmingham Cardiac Diet may be a good choice. How much time do you have? If you are well-organized or have abundant free time, then a simple program where you make your own menus, buy you own groceries and cook your own food may be a better (and certainly cheaper) choice. If you need someone else to tell you step by step what you need to be doing and eating, then a more regimented program will be needed. How are your finances? Weight loss programs cost money to buy (or access), money to maintain (for food, supplements, gym memberships etc) and money to continue (in some cases, the programs have a continuing fee for as long as you are on the program). You have to find out what it will cost you (at least an estimate) to reach your target weight goal and decide 1) if you have that money to spend and 2) if that cost is justified by the results you expect to receive. Many times the additional cost involved with a plan makes it a bad choice altogether. Sometimes there are just better alternatives from a monetary standpoint. However, sometimes, the cost of the program is not an issue or the benefits outweigh the cost however high that cost may be. There are programs out there that have only a onetime cost and there are those that have a recurring cost. You must decide which one will not only fit your budget but is one you will be able to continue to justify in your mind. Are you looking for long-term sustainability? If so, the fad diets and the rapid weight loss diets are probably not the option you are looking for. Permanent weight loss requires you to replace the habits that led you to become overweight with healthier habits. If you want to diet once and be thin forever, you have to choose from weight loss programs that emphasize education and behavior modification. Do you want to gain knowledge and information on how to lose weight and keep it off for life? Do you feel that learning to make better food and exercise choices is more important than just losing weight? Then, you just might be a holistic dieter. The more you learn about healthy eating and exercise choices and the more you strive to make those healthier choices a part of your life, the greater the likelihood that you will be able to maintain your ideal weight. The list above is certainly not all-inclusive and I am sure you can think of other personal preferences that you need to consider. The point is that you must consider these preferences when choosing a diet to follow. When you are ready to start what will hopefully be you next (and last) weight loss, don't just go for the sexy, popular, new diet plan but sit down with a pre-made list of criteria and pick the program that best fits you. Without question, the easiest weight loss programs to follow (and the one which you will be most successful with) are the program(s) that fit your life and your goals the best. For more tips on weight loss programs, please visit our website at Article Source:

An Introduction To Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs offer a process to safely and effectively loose weight according to a plan. Weight loss is achieved when the calorie intake is less than the calories burnt. Weight gain or loss largely depends on the lifestyle of an individual. An effective weight loss program is required to attain weight loss. A person with a sedentary life style needs lot of efforts to lose weight as compared to a person with an active lifestyle. Ideally, weight loss programs should aim at weight loss as well as waist inch loss. A person with proportionate weight but a big tummy will also require a specific program to attain the right balance. It is advisable to have smaller attainable targets initially. The chosen weight loss program should be safe and consistent. It must be carried out under professional guidance. People with ailments like diabetes, heart problem and high blood pressure should consult their physician. There are a multitude of weight loss programs to choose from. Some programs can be carried out with friends who have the same goal. Some people depend on websites, diet books and videotapes that contain various exercises. They set goals for themselves and use their own instincts while selecting a program. Non-clinical programs are the ones devised by fitness experts and gyms. These are usually customized programs. Clinical programs are carried out in a medical setup like a clinic under the supervision of health experts. These are usually a combination of therapy, massage, exercise and diet. These programs are very helpful for severely obese people. A weight maintenance program should follow a structured weight loss program. When a person loses weight, the fat cells are only temporarily compressed. When the person resumes normal routine, these fat cells start expanding again. This would prove to be a wasted effort. Hence, weight management steps should be inculcated in daily life. Weight management is a lifelong process. One of the ways to maintain weight is by increasing the physical activity in an individual's daily routine. Weight Loss [] provides detailed information on Weight Loss, Weight Loss Pills, Weight Loss Programs, Weight Loss Products and more. Weight Loss is affiliated with Safe Weight Loss Surgery []. Article Source:

Free Weight Loss Programs

Free weight loss programs are available for dieters not able to spend money on paid weight loss programs. These can be through the Internet or through regular meetings. Often behavioral changes that are meant to prevent a person from venturing on an eating binge are recommended and offered for free. In free trials, the diet is changed for few days. By replacing high calorie food items with low calorie substitutes, the effect of the diet can be noticed within a few weeks. These programs provide similar resources as paid programs to dieters on taking charge of their own weight loss. Such programs usually lack individual guidance, and that is a major drawback. Secondly, the quality of free programs is often not as high as with paid programs. Thirdly, users tend to complain about vague plans not carefully planned or set out. Attention to detail is usually kept only to the bare minimum. Another drawback is the possibility of health damage due to improper diet and menu suggested. One needs to avoid extremes mentioned in these weight loss programs/plans and decide for oneself the way a particular plan is to be administered or modified as the case may be. Free weight loss plans are a good way of starting out on weight loss programs and gaining knowledge of the same. They can serve as important aids in selecting the best-paid weight loss program later. Besides, many dieters claim to have been significantly benefited by such programs and thus, experimenting with them sounds a reasonable proposition. These programs mostly come with a 'try at your own risk' tagline and therefore discretion is essential when starting with these programs. Weight Loss Programs [] provides detailed information on Weight Loss Programs, Best Weight Loss Programs, Free Weight Loss Programs, Online Weight Loss Programs and more. Weight Loss Programs is affiliated with Weight Loss Diet Pills []. Article Source:

Selecting A Weight Loss Program - The IRS, Your Weight, & You

In April of 2002 the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officially recognized obesity as a disease, making it far easier for American taxpayers to trim their tax bills and waistlines at the same time. The step is an important one, not so much because of savings to taxpayers (the deduction really has only limited value), but more because it marks a shift in government point of view. Whether it's due to unhealthy lifestyles that lead to obesity, or to the obesity itself, overfat people suffer greater risk for disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Excess body fat is also strongly linked to depression and poor self-esteem. One recent study suggested that obesity exacts an even higher toll on health than smoking or drinking and raises an individual's lifetime health care costs by a whopping 36%. Clearly, reversing the rising tide of obesity is important. A potential tax break offers a kind of official recognition that's encouraging. After all, it's estimated that the total cost of overweight/obesity in the U.S. approaches $100 billion annually, with about half of that spent in preventive, diagnostic and treatment services. What's Covered and What's Not Deducting weight loss expenses from taxes isn't new for Americans. But in the past, we could do it only if weight loss was undertaken at a physician's direction to treat other diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. The difference now: The IRS recognizes obesity itself as a disease worth treating. Thus, American taxpayers may deduct the cost of weight loss programs without having to show that the weight loss was undertaken to treat another disease. An individual who has been diagnosed as obese by a physician may deduct the cost of "diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention," according to the IRS. Weight loss programs, behavioral counseling, pharmaceuticals and surgery all qualify with one caveat. As always, medical expenses of any kind are deductible only after they exceed 7.5% of the taxpayer's adjusted gross income and if they are not reimbursed by insurance. If you meet that criteria for 1999 or 2000 (and 1998 if you have an extension to file), you can amend those returns. On the other hand, weight loss expenses for cosmetic reasons or general good health are not deductible nor are personal trainers, health club memberships or diet- related foods. Bottom line: The new IRS rules are most likely to benefit only those who have a sizeable amount of other unreimbursed medical expenses that can piggyback onto weight loss expenses to bring total deductions above 7.5% of adjusted gross income. Not Just Weight Loss While we at Green Mountain are happy to see the government taking steps to support individuals' efforts to take charge of their health, we know it's just a beginning. The next steps need to go further to identify standards for treatment. A weight loss program should have documented that it works before it could qualify as a deductible expense. (See sidebar "Choosing a Weight Loss Program.) In case that ever happens, we want to state it loud and clear now: When it comes to measuring success, a smaller body size may not always be part of the picture. And if it is, it still may not be the most important part. What counts most is not whether a body qualifies as obese on a weight chart, or whether a person reaches "ideal" weight (whatever that is). Instead, what counts is whether that body, whatever its size, is generally considered healthy in terms of physical and emotional well-being, and supports its inhabitant in her life aims. Still, the new IRS regulations are a start. And if they can help women along the path to health, fitness and increased self-esteem, we say good. It's about time. And certainly, most of us will take all the help with our taxes we can get! Choosing a Weight Loss Program Obviously, we at Green Mountain encourage you to choose non-diet approaches that don't focus on weight loss per se, but instead help you build your physical and mental strength to make choices that are in your best interests. Ask these questions about any weight loss program you consider. Does the program focus on weight loss as an end in itself, or is weight loss recognized as only a part of achieving health and wellness for some people? If weight loss is the ultimate goal, we can get easily sidetracked with quick schemes that may lead to quick weight loss. Unfortunately, the weight regain is often even faster. Is the food and eating advice restrictive? When choice is absent, deprivation often takes us in the opposite direction than desired. It's a set-up for overeating at some point. Look for programs that help you build your internal ability to choose foods that support well-being, and your internal ability to decide how much you need. Think twice about any advice that recommends you avoid specific types of foods, especially major food groups. If you follow it, you might set up cravings that lead to overeating. Is enjoyable physical activity an integral part of the program? Research shows that physical activity is one of the key factors in helping people keep lost weight off. And after all, why go to all the trouble to lose it if you're just going to gain it back again? Been there, done that...time for a different approach. Is there any peer-reviewed, published research that measures the program's effectiveness? In the weight loss field especially, lots of claims abound. But research that shows effectiveness is fairly sparse. Require it. Whose program is it anyway? Check the credentials and experience of the people who have developed and are offering the program. But remember - academic or professional degrees don't always guarantee competence. Thoroughly check out what's being offered, and weigh it against your own experience. If you've been at this long enough, you can probably easily recognize hucksters. If you've got questions you can't answer, get the opinion of a health professional you trust. Alan H. Wayler, PhD is executive director of Green Mountain at Fox Run, an all-women's healthy weight loss program. For 34 years, Green Mountain at Fox Run has developed and refined a life-changing program exclusively for women seeking permanent strategies for healthy weight loss and health, differing from traditional health spas or fat farms. Based on a combination of proven science and what works in the real world, our innovative non-diet lifestyle program offers an integrated curriculum of practical, liveable techniques that helps women take charge of their eating, their bodies and their health. Our approach is not focused on just losing weight but on how to keep it off for a lifetime. Our participants' long-term weight loss results are among the highest of any program, as documented in peer-reviewed scientific literature. Learn more about our fitness and healthy weight loss spa and retreat []. Article Source:,_Ph.D.