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For the vast majority of gym-goes, there are only 2 workout splits that should ever be used. 1) Total body routines 2) Upper/Lower splits Too many people are still using old school body building splits in hopes of getting a better body. Look, if your primary goals are to lose fat, get stronger, or get bigger, body part splits are a complete waste of time. That brings up an important point. If your main goal is fat loss and your personal trainer has you doing chest and triceps one day, back and biceps the next, and legs and shoulders another day, you should fire that person right now. I'm serious: quit wasting your money. That person has no clue what they're doing. I'll admit: when I first started training at 16 I used those same body part splits. There were designated days to work back, chest, shoulders, arms, and legs. In hindsight, and knowing what I know now, this was completely ignorant. But the more I studied successful and distinguished trainers and coaches, and experimented with myself and clients, the more I learned! I'll give you a very simple breakdown of what routine you should be using depending on your goals. If you can only train 3 days a week: without a doubt, you should be using total body routines. This will ensure you elevate your metabolism and hit your muscles with enough frequency. If you want to train 4 days a week: you should use an upper/lower split. Two days a week you'll train your lower body, and two days a week you'll train your upper body. Be sure you use different exercises and sets and reps each day. If your main goal is fat loss: I would suggest a total body routine. You can use an upper/lower split if you want, but I am partial to total body for this goal. Pick compound movements (squats, pushups, chin-ups, lunges, rows, dips, deadlifts) and perform in a circuit if you are able. Today I will give a sample workout for this goal, since it is what most people are interested in. Here's a great total body training program for fat loss. If you can, perform these exercises in circuit fashion (you'll perform 1 set of each exercise before repeating the first exercise again). If not, try to super-set two exercises (example: perform a set of squats, rest for the designated period, perform a set of pushups, rest, and repeat for the designated sets). Monday: Sets: 4 Reps: 9 Rest: 60 seconds between exercises 1a) Squat 1b) Decline Pushup 1c) DB Reverse Lunge 1d) Chin-up (If you can't use your body weight, put a bar in the squat rack at about chin height. This will allow you to use your legs for assistance) After you go through the circuit 4 times, feel free to spend 10 minutes working on whatever you want. This is your chance to do direct arm work or abdominal exercises. Finisher: Tabata Seal Jumps. Do seal jumps (this is a jumping jack except your legs for forward and backward and your arms go from straight out from your side to straight in front of your chest) for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. Repeat this for 4 minutes. Watch the second hands on a clock to ensure you stick with the work and rest periods. Rest 2 minutes and repeat one more time. Wednesday: Sets: 5 Reps: 6 Rest: 45 seconds between exercises 1a) 1 Leg RDL 1b) 1 Arm DB Push Press 1c) Front Squat 1d) 1 Arm DB Row Once again, feel free to spend 10 minutes doing whatever you would like. Finisher: Perform each exercise for 1 minute with no rest between exercises 1) Bodyweight squat 2) Pushups (perform on your knees if necessary 3) Jumping Jacks 4) Squat thrust Rest 2 minutes after performing 1 minute of each exercise, and repeat 2-3 more times Friday: Sets: 4 Reps: 12 Rest: 75 seconds between exercises 1a) DB Reverse Lunges 1b) DB Incline Bench Press 1c) Sumo deadlift 1d) Pull-up (If you can't use your body weight, put a bar in the squat rack at about chin height. This will allow you to use your legs for assistance) Once again, feel free to spend 10 minutes doing whatever you would like. Finisher: 1 Arm Dumbbell Swings. Perform 15 swings with each arm, rest 30 seconds. Repeat 5-6 more times. On one or two off days during the week you can perform a bodyweight session to increase your rate of fat loss. Here are a few things you can do: 1) Jumping Jacks x30 2) Wide Stance Squats x15 3) Inverted Rows x12 4) Reverse Lunges x10 each leg 5) Push-ups x12 6) Plank x30 seconds Perform each exercise without rest. After you finish the last exercise, rest for 1-2 minutes. Repeat the circuit 3-5 more times. Here's another example: 1) Burpees x10 Sound simple? Just wait until you try it. Perform 10 burpees, rest 1 minute, and repeat about 5-9 times. These are tougher than they sound. To perform a burpee: stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Squat down and put your hands on the floor outside of your feet. Kick your feet back so you're in the top of a pushup. Jump your feet back up to your hands, and then explore straight up in the air. Land softly and repeat. There you go. That is a great program for fat loss. Give every exercise your best effort, and be consistent. And don't forget about your nutrition! 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