Scarsdale Diet Reviewed, Does It Work

The Scarsdale diet is one of the original high protein low carbohydrate diet plans, developed by a cardiologist, Dr Herman Turnover. It was initially developed as the optimal diet for the doctors heart patients and was later further developed to facilitate weight loss.
Benefitting from a combination of low carbs and fats, it soon became a huge success, with stories of people losing large amounts of weight fast, some claiming to have lost up to 20 lbs.
So, What Is The Scarsdale Diet.
It consists of a strict 14 day eating plan, followed by a further 14 days of a more relaxed dieting. It is often said that dieters prefer a diet like this that prescribes exactly what you eat every day, there is no deviation and no cheating; it can be followed almost robotically.
But like all diets, to be effective it has to be completed, so some will power is required. The advantage of this type of diet is that you never need suffer from hunger pangs because there is no restriction in the amount of protein and vegetables you are allowed to eat. Protein is also said to take longer to digest so you will feel full for longer.
How It Works
The idea is the body does not need all the carbohydrates we eat in the modern era, what it does is burn what we need for fuel and the excess is converted into fatty acids and stored. Also, they say that in addition to this storage, most of the fat we eat is stored as a sort of fuel buffer.
But when we significantly reduce our carb intake, not only are we not storing extra fats our bodies resort to burning stored fat... and wallah, you lose weight.
What Can You Eat on a Scarsdale Diet Plan?
Basically you can eat as much protein and low carb vegetables as you like. Meat should have all skin and visible fat removed and veggies should not include, corn, peas, beans and lentils, which are too high in carbs.
Limited amounts of nuts and fruit can be consumed as well as coffee and tea without sugar, only artificial sweeteners are permitted. Snacking is frown on and the use of natural appetite suppressants is encouraged.
Typical meals would include:
Grapefruit, or other fruits, dry whole-wheat toast, Tea or coffee.
Cold meats, tinned tuna, eggs, fruit salad, cottage cheese, vegetables and tomatoes, and an occasional slice of whole-wheat bread, tea or coffee.
Fish or shellfish, roast lamb,beef or chicken; steak, hamburger, vegetables or salad, tea or coffee.
Like all diets it has it's supporters and detractors.
It is said by some that the diet does not provide sufficient calories to provide for the bodies energy requirements and is not nutritiously sound.
Others disagree, saying that duration of the diet is too short to have any significant impact, and in any event the body resorts to other sources for energy.
Hi My name is David Stanbridge, I'm married with a 7yr old boy who keeps me young.
Having spent many years in the diet and nutrition business and I have come to believe that we eat far too much carbohydrates for the average lifestyle. Also dieting is not easy and needs a certain amount of mental preparation before beginning.

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