Medifast Diet - A Solid Weight Loss Program With Serious Results

The Medifast Diet is a reduced calorie diet plan that was developed by doctors for patients needing rapid initial weight loss under medical supervision. Originally it was only available by prescription. Medifast is now available without prescription, and with the support of counselors, nutritionists, and an online community. You can sign up for the meal plan on the internet, and receive great discounts on the cost of food. The premise of the Medifast Diet is to severely limit calorie intake, causing your body to enter a mild state of ketosis, where it burns fat. This is a high protein diet, so you will not burn muscle. Instead of three big meals a day, you eat 5 small ones, and one "lean and green" meal consisting of leafy greens and lean meat. Light to moderate exercise is recommended at first, to speed the process. Patients should take it slow at the beginning, because until the body begins to burn fat, some people will experience a sense of lethargy, weakness, and maybe some headaches. Once the body adjusts, dieters tend to feel better, as the weight starts to come off. A typical daily menu for Medifast might include the following: Breakfast: oatmeal Mid morning: nut bar Noon: chili Mid afternoon: shake Dinner: Three servings of raw, steamed, grilled, baked or boiled vegetables, plus one "lean," "leaner" or "leanest" protein choice. 8 pm: chocolate pudding The diet is designed to give dieters a feeling of fullness, while in truth consuming few calories. You should drink at least 64 oz of non calorie beverages each day. It is recommended that you limit caffeine to three servings a day, since the reduced calorie intake may make you more sensitive to the effects of caffeine. Once the weight loss goal has been met, there is a five to sixteen week transitional period where the dieter is weaned off the Medifast foods and replaces them with healthy choices. The vegetables containing higher calories and carbohydrates will be re-introduced at this time as well. This transition period enables you to maintain the results you've gained for the rest of your life. No diet should be undertaken without the supervision of a physician. This diet severely restricts calories, so dieters will want to verify with their doctor if it is safe for them. Medifast also provides support for doctors, and designs special diets for diabetics, people who have recently had weight loss surgery, new mothers, and teenagers. Coupons which offer terrific savings on the Medifast Diet are available online. A Medifast diet review will provide more detailed information about the diet plan and savings available. Article Source:

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