Is Weight Training Suitable For a Disabled Person?

Although it is generally believed that weight training and gym exercises are meant for the healthy and fit people, disable and handicap individuals can also take advantage of countless benefits of the weight training exercises. It is important to realize that weight training makes a wonderful routine to be incorporated into your daily life to strengthen your muscles and transform your body. For people with a disability, it becomes more important to perform some sort of fitness exercises on the regular basis to maintain an emotional, physical and mental health. Thus, disable people can also lift weights safely for optimal benefits by following these simple yet effective steps. Before starting a weight training routine, it is very important for a disable person to consult his or her doctor. He not only will conduct a physical exam to see your health status but will also offer weight exercises keeping in view you fitness level and physical needs. It is very important that you strictly follow the instructions of your physician and don't perform the exercises that may pose any harm to your general health. Most importantly, a disable person should look for the services of a qualified gym trainer to assist him with the weight lifting. An experienced trainer can show disable people the right angles and perfect techniques to ensure their safety. Moreover, he will suggest them a right combination of gym exercises keeping in view their specific needs and fitness level. While performing the regular workouts in the gym, it makes a wonderful idea to lift weights with a friend. This not only is important for safety reasons, but will also motivate you to do hard work with your full dedication. During the gym training session, you can use exercise balls, bars and dumbbells to train your muscles. It is important, however, that you use the gym equipment in the supervision of your gym trainer. Make sure that you lift weights at a slow pace to put stress on your particular muscles group. Moreover, it is important that you set small weight lifting goals so that your muscles start to develop strength and endurance. It is very important that you don't get frustrated if you are not able to do a particular exercise. There are still a number of exercises that you can perform from your wheelchair to keep yourself fit. All you need to do is to plan a fitness program with the help of your personal fitness trainer in order to train your upper body muscles. For example, if you want to develop the arms strength, you can do it with the help of "Bicep Curl". It is one of the basic and simplest wheelchair exercises to tone and strengthen your arms. With the help of your gym trainer, you can do 3 sets of 10 reps each. Guy Long runs Bootcamps in St Kilda and is a Personal Trainer in Brighton where he specializes in resistance training, body transformation, weight control, and overall muscular strength for local residents. Article Source:

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