Dimethylamylamine For Weight Loss And Energy - A Review

Dimethylamylamine is a popular sports supplement and replacement for ephedrine that has hit the market in recent years. It has been the source of much controversy and has a lot of questions surrounding it's use and abuse.
Dimethylamylamine was first introduced under the trade name "Geranamine" by Proviant in the product AMP. At first it was kept a mystery by the manufacturer, but was soon discovered to be the naturally occurring compound Dimethylamylamine, which is found in Geranium Oil at about 1% strength.
Dimethylamylamine is known for it's euphoric effects and its ability to stack nicely with caffeine. The combination of caffeine, synephrine from bitter orange and Dimethylamylamine is a favorite among people who want a very effective energy supplement that gives them a mental boost.
Safety of Dimethylamylamine has been a question, since there is little data on it. The common dose is about 20mg per capsule in most products, which means that using a rough conversion on safety it would take about 100 doses at one time to be seriously dangerous. There is some safety data on it and this is the basis for the 20mg dose factor. Most products recommend 1-4 doses per day not to exceed 6 in any 24 hour period. This should be reasonably safe for healthy people.
Only healthy people who are not at risk for a disease involving the heart specifically should be using this supplement. People with high blood pressure and any other symptoms should not use this supplement, since it is a stimulant and can raise blood pressure and increase risks for unhealthy people. The legality of this ingredient has been called in to question many times, but it is 100% DSHEA compliant and reasonably expected to be safe.
If you are in good health, then Dimethylamylamine might just be the perfect supplement for you. If you like feeling lots of energy and you enjoy getting amped up for the gym, then this supplement should be right up your alley. Just be careful with any stimulants because they are potent.
If you are smart and in good health, then you will love the positive mental boost that you get when taking this supplement. It can certainly help to curb your appetite and increase the rate of fat burning, since all stimulants share this quality.

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