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A fat loss program for women over 40 needs to get the job done. I'm going to be honest and straight to the point here because you deserve to hear the truth. Once you hit the magical age of 40, as a women you will start to lose anywhere between 6% and 8% of your muscle every decade. Now I know you don't want to look like a bodybuilder and be all big and muscular, but every little bit of lean muscle you have helps to burn body fat around the clock. That's right, those tight, lean muscles are actually the best fat burner on the planet. Just by maintaining what you have will keep you body in burn mode 24/7. To combat this fact of life there are two options. You either need to maintain what you already have or work toward getting some more. Now, once again, don't be fearful of lifting weights and bulking up. If it were that simple to lift some weights and turn into the next Arnold Schwarzenegger then we wouldn't be in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Either way you need to hit the weights. Now when I say that, it doesn't really matter what type of resistance training you use in a fat loss program for women over 40. I would stick to using a mixture of body weight, kettlebells and other free weights. Aim for three, 30 minute, sessions per week with a focus on quality and intensity. That wasn't a misprint, three, short and hard sessions per week is all you are going to need to maintain that important, fat burning lean muscle. Stick with full body or compound exercises such as squats, lunges, pushups, pull ups, pulldowns, jumps, swings and presses. You don't need to do any extra abdominal exercises because the overall effect of your training will ensure that you have a strong and firm core. As you start to lose more belly fat, this sexy lean waistline will reveal itself (without hundreds of boring crunches or situps). If you have more time available to train, then add on some high intensity interval training and you will be able to burn even more fat. It goes without saying that you need to be following sensible eating plan. Make sure it has the right combination of lean protein, quality carbohydrates and good fats. Once you are eating the correct foods, then we need to look at portion control which will really flick the switch and turn your body into a fat burning furnace! Want a Proven Strategy to Losing Weight Really Fast? Don't Follow the Mainstream! Download my free 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Eating Plans: Fat Loss Eating Plan Quickly lose weight for any "Special Event". Click Here ---> http://www.JamesKerrison.com "Slow and Steady" won't serve you well if you want to look great now! Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=James_Kerrison

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